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At Sunflower Fostering we do a number of events for our foster carers and the young people. To allow people to get an idea of what we do as an agency we have created a blog for you to follow.

Sunflower Fostering Spaghetti Club is a youth group for our foster children. We run this youth group every other month and especially around holiday events – Halloween being the perfect time!

We have been running Spaghetti Club since 2013 and the name was the creation of a group of our young people who all decided they would think up a name, which went to a vote! The outcome being SPAGHETTI CLUB!

Trick or Treat Decorations!

For our Spooky Halloween Spectacular, held at The Haunted School, we had a number of Tricks and Treats at the ready.

The fostering team spent the first hour of the day preparing pumpkins ready to carve and enjoyed decorating our offices to fit with the Halloween theme!

The Sunflower team preparing pumpkins ready for Spaghetti Club.

As the clock reached 10, the children arrived. All came in full costume and had gone all out to celebrate Halloween. It put the Fostering Team to shame with the extravagant creations the foster carers and children had created!

This Spaghetti Club was the most popular one so far this year, with a brilliant turn out of young people!

One Spooktacular Costume.

The morning started with an introductory game whereby the child would say who they were, a fact about themselves and finished with their favourite dance moves! It’s safe to say there was a lot of flossing involved!


Looking Creepy!


Pumpkin Queen!




After everyone knew each other it was time to get slimy with some good old classic pumpkin carving. The children all became very serious as they began carefully outlining their designs. The room got fairly messy with pumpkin extract as our creators invented their masterpieces!

Following completion of the pumpkins we moved onto our Spooky Box of Mysteries. The children bravely investigated the Spooky Box, using only their sense of touch. Out of the 5 boxes the only one that everyone got straight away was cold, slimy baked beans – yuk!

Social Worker turned Bat Lady, showing of a pre-carved pumpkin and the Spooky Box of Mysteries!

The children worked hard carving pumpkins and taking on the challenge of the mystery box – the only thing left was for a bite to eat. Which of course, following the theme, was pumpkin soup! Although not appealing to everyone, a number of the children thoroughly enjoyed it – even asking for more!

The Spaghetti Club ended with some more fun and games including ‘Haunted Tag’ and ‘Spider Races’!

Our next Spaghetti Club will be included in our Christmas Party! Keep your eyes peeled to see how our visit from Santa goes!

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