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How to Transfer

Are you an existing foster carer?

Are you exploring a change of agency?

Sunflower Fostering welcome experience foster carers and value the insight experienced carers bring.

If you are considering changing agency, you will have many questions and probably a few fears. Sunflower Fostering have a number of foster carers in the team who have transferred agency, and are available to have a chat with before you make a decision, contact us on 0800 630 0864 to arrange this.

We follow the Fostering Network’s Transfer Protocol (2014) “Foster carer’s have the right to freedom of movement between Fostering services.”

Click here to read the full Transfer Protocol >>

The biggest fear for foster carers thinking of moving agencies is losing the children in placement. The Transfer Protocol supports children remaining in safe and caring placements.
We will be there when you need support and practical help. Being able to access experienced therapeutic help quickly is vital for foster carers. Contact us today to find out more about our therapy team and support package.

How do I start the process of transferring?
Contact us today to talk about fostering with Sunflower Fostering and we can talk you through the process. We can arrange a visit to tell you more and we will invite you to visit our offices and meet the Fostering team. If you decide to move, we will ask you to advise your current agency in writing. Sunflower Fostering will then arrange a Transfer Protocol meeting to get the process going.

Do I have to be re-assessed?
Yes, Sunflower Fostering will complete a new Form F assessment. We understand that once carers make the decision to move they don’t want a long assessment process.
Sunflower Fostering have a dedicated team of social workers able to complete assessments in a timescale that suits you. On average the assessment takes 6-8 weeks at which point you would need to attend Foster Panel for approval.

What will be different?

We feel confident you will feel supported and part of a team, we pride ourselves in being a small supportive agency.

Sunflower Fostering will provide you with advice and guidance through a qualified and experienced fostering team. With a fast and efficient referral system to the in-house therapy team, foster carers get therapeutic advice and support when needed without a long referral process and waiting lists.

If you are looking for development opportunity, we welcome foster carers to become involved in recruitment, training, peer mentoring and support groups.

Will my payments change?
No, quite often the foster carers skills payment increases as we have found Sunflower Fostering are highly competitive.


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