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Case Studies
“It really helped us talking to a foster carer who had moved agency, it was good to know they made the right decision. I’m happy to talk to anyone wanting to join our agency” – foster carer

Trevor & Veronica

Trevor and Veronica have been fostering for over twenty years and the idea of moving agencies was a daunting and scary thought. With two long term placements, Trevor and Veronica’s biggest fear was disruption for the children.
However, after the couple’s son and daughter-in-law transferred agency to Sunflower Fostering they also decided to take the plunge!

Following a transfer protocol meeting, supported by Sunflower Fostering it was confirmed there would be no impact on the fostered children. Trevor and Veronica were pleasantly surprised by the seamless transition which caused minimal disruption to them.

“We now feel fully supported all of the time and we feel a part of something where the team will put themselves out for you”

Pam and Eddie

Pam and Eddie were foster carers with a previous agency since early 2014.  They decided to transfer agencies as they were looking for more support.  The couple own a farm in Shropshire and enjoy offering a relaxed family environment where young people learn about a different way of life and have access to open spaces and animals.

Pam and Eddie found the re-approval process quick and easy and are enjoying being part of a small agency with a ‘family feel’.

Our supervising social worker is so supportive and listens to us. We can always contact him no matter when it is – Pam – Foster carer
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