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Story of the Month – 5 Year Old Rewarded for 999 Call.

When Mrs Semple collapsed with only her two children, aged 5 and 3 at home, her 5 year old son, Tyler, who suffers with autism, stepped up and despite his needs stepped up and dialled 999!

“I’m Tyler and I have Autism” 

Tyler told the call operator that his mum died from eating a poisoned apple from an ugly old witch. Although many would have thought this was a hoax call, the operator told Tyler to go to a neighbour with his sister and wait for paramedics to arrive.

Tyler has been rewarded for his bravery and Mrs Semple has stated “Tyler struggles with conversing, so to stay on the phone for 10 minutes, give our full address, take instructions – those are all things he finds very difficult”

To read the full news report visit: BBC News.


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